Seth on Reincarnation

"Reincarnational experiences are a part of the framework of the self, a facet of the multidimensional reality of the living psyche. These experiences will, therefore, be reflected not only in the dream state, but on other layers of activity."

"The fabric of the present self is interwoven with these reincarnational "pasts" and from them the present self draws unconsciously from its own bank of personality characteristics, activities, and insights. Often past-life memories come to the surface but are not recognized as such, since they appear in fantasy form, or are projected into art creations."

"Many writers of historical pieces, for example, are writing out of direct experience with those times. Such instances represent an excellent working rapport between the present self and the unconscious, which brings these memories to the surface in such a way that current life is enriched. More often than not, true awareness of the situation often becomes almost conscious, and just beneath awareness the individual knows the source of his authentic material."

- Seth (channeled through Jane Roberts) Session #555 from Seth Speaks.